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Lesson 1: Chapter 1 1:00

Advantages of a VA Loan

Heroic service deserves amazing benefits. Here are the many ways that a VA Loan can save you thousands of dollars on your home purchase.

Lesson 1: Chapter 2 0:53

Am I Eligible for a VA Loan?

You know the incredible benefits of a VA Loan. Next question is, are you eligible? Let’s see if you check off 1 of the 5 eligibility boxes.

Lesson 1: Chapter 3 1:14

How Much Can I Borrow With a VA Loan?

So, you’re eligible for a VA Loan. That’s awesome! Now you might wonder how much you can borrow… don’t worry, it might be more than you think.

Lesson 1: Chapter 4 1:08

What Can I Buy With a VA Loan?

Can you buy a single family home? A condo? What about a vacation home? We get this question all the time. Let’s clear it up.

Lesson 2: Chapter 1 1:20

Budgeting for a Home

A VA Loan saves you lots of cash. But it’s still important to know how much you can afford, and how to prepare for any new expenses.

Lesson 2: Chapter 2 1:23

Credit & Why It's Important

What’s a good credit score? How does it work? How do you find your score? You may have lots of questions about credit. We’ll cover them here.

Lesson 2: Chapter 3 1:31

Interest Rates & the Cost of Credit

A home is likely the biggest investment you’ll make. So when it comes to knowing how interest will affect your money, you want to be well-armed.

Lesson 2: Chapter 4 1:38

How To Get a Better Interest Rate

You want to keep more of your money, right? Then follow these 4 strategic tips for a battle-ready credit score.

Lesson 3: Chapter 1 1:02

Start With a Realtor or Lender?

A quick guide that breaks down who your first point of contact should be. So you don’t waste any time getting started with your VA Loan.

Lesson 3: Chapter 2 1:04

How To Choose a Good VA Lender

You’ll want a VA lender who truly understands your needs. Here are four key “deciding factors” for choosing the right lender for you.

Lesson 3: Chapter 3 1:24

How To Choose a Good Realtor

VA Loans require someone with dedication and industry experience to get everything right. Here’s how to choose a Realtor who has what it takes.

Lesson 3: Chapter 4 0:50

Choosing the Right Neighborhood

The neighborhood you choose can matter just as much as the home. Find the perfect community for your family with this guide.

Lesson 3: Chapter 5 1:46

What To Look for During a Home Tour

When it’s time to tour your dream home, follow these “touring tips” to make sure nothing – and we mean nothing – goes unnoticed.

Lesson 4: Chapter 1 1:13

Making an Offer

Eligible for a VA Loan? CHECK. Pre-approved? CHECK. Found the Perfect home? CHECK.

Lesson 4: Chapter 2 1:05

Negotiating Your Offer

Now here’s how to create a win-win offer.

Lesson 4: Chapter 3 1:51

Closing on a VA Loan

Final step! Closing on your VA loan. Here’s what to expect from the second your offer is accepted to grabbing the keys to your brand new home.

Lesson 5: Chapter 1 1:08

Can I Use a VA Loan More Than Once?

VA Loans are so nice you may want to use them twice. Question is… can you? Find out how you can enjoy a lifetime of benefits.

Lesson 5: Chapter 2 1:19

Can I Refinance My VA Loan?

People love the benefits of refinancing their home. And with VA Loans, refinancing gets even better! Check out this video to see what we mean.

Lesson 5: Chapter 3 1:01

Can I Get a Cash-Out VA Loan?

Building up equity is a major benefit of homeownership. But how can you put that hard-earned equity to work? Let’s see!

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  • Down Payment$0
  • VA Funding Fee$0
  • Total Loan Amount$0

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Basic Allowance for Housing calculations based on data from the U.S. Department of Defense, Defense Travel Management Office.

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